KZ-NIA@100: Precincts

Volume: 26, Edition: 3, 2001


  • KZ-NIA @100: Precincts

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  • University of Natal: School of Architecture, Planning and Housing

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  • SA Council for the Architectural Profession

    Page 1

  • Obituary

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Keith Gow

  • Letters

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Architects Collaborative

  • Corrections Issue 2/2001

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Danie Theron, Hallen, Theron & Partners

  • KZ-NIA Centennial Banquet

    Page 1

    Location(s): International Convention Centre, Durban

  • Buildings in KZ-N which resulted from Architectural Competitions

    Page 2

    Architect(s): Hudson, William Lucas, Cook & Ralston

  • Durban's Precincts?

    Page 4

    Architect(s): Holford, Elphick Proome Architects, Laren Beni Architect

    Location(s): Francis Farewell Square, Florida Road, Grey Street, Point Road, Escombe Terrace, eThekwini, Victoria Embankment, Warwick Avenue, Mansell Road, Umhlanga Ridge, Kings Park, Centrum Site

  • SAIA 2001 Award of Merit

    Page 5

    Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop, Andrew Makin, Janina Masojada

    Location(s): Kloof

  • Warwick Junction Urban Renewal Project

    Page 6

    Architect(s): MA Gafoor, Kooblal & Steyn

    Location(s): Warwick Junction, Durban, West Street Cemetry

  • Walking through Warwick Junction

    Page 6

    Architect(s): Lee Sanders

    Location(s): Warwick Junction, Durban, eThekwini

  • Hazrath Badsha Peer Shelter

    Page 8

    Architect(s): Kooblal & Steyn

    Location(s): Brook Street

  • Herb Traders' Stalls

    Page 9

    Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop, Eric Orts-Hansen

  • Market Road Bridge

    Page 10

    Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop, Andrew Makin, Melinda Silberman

    Location(s): Market Road

  • Traders Stall's on Leopold Street Pedestrian Bridge

    Page 11

    Architect(s): Langa Makhanya & Associates

    Location(s): Leopold Street Pedestrian Bridge, Victoria Street

  • Facility for Bovine Head Cooking

    Page 12

    Architect(s): Lees & Short, Jo Lees

    Location(s): Warwick Avenue

  • Information Centre

    Page 12

    Architect(s): Laren Beni Architect

  • Facility for Mealie Cooking

    Page 13

    Architect(s): Matic + Van Zyl, Barbara Van Zyl

    Location(s): Lorne Street

  • Pinafore and Beadsellers' Market

    Page 13

    Architect(s): Mike Legg Architects CC

    Location(s): Lorne Street

  • Potolozi - the resurrection of an old gem: Relevant Conservation in Action

    Page 14

    Architect(s): Nigel Robson, Mthulisi Msimang, Gawie Fagan, Hannes Meiring, Jo Walker, Nigel Robson

    Location(s): Georgetown , Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

  • A Travel Diary: 100 years ago - Boer War Architecture

    Page 16

    Location(s): Mooi River, Ladysmith